The 5 best scissors for dogs.

Whether you’re a professional groomer or tending to your pet’s grooming at home, selecting the right scissors for dogs is paramount for an efficient and safe grooming session. Some pets may experience anxiety and might not feel comfortable in a dog grooming salon. Some pet owners opt to save money by grooming their dogs at home, while others in the pet grooming industry are in search of the finest pair of scissors for dogs to integrate into their businesses.

There are various factors, ranging from the quality of materials to the inclusion of safety guards, that play a pivotal role in the selection of the best dog grooming scissors. We’ve conducted thorough research and identified the top-rated scissors for dogs available in the market.

Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors


These scissors for dogs feature blades crafted from surgical-grade Japanese stainless steel. Precision-honed at the factory, they can be sharpened repeatedly for limitless use. The handles of these dog grooming scissors are coated with cushioned polymer and include an added finger rest. This design caters to both right-handed and left-handed users, ensuring essential precision control.

Both blades of these dual scissors are rounded at the tips, prioritizing your pet’s safety by preventing potential accidents. As many pets are sensitive to loud and sharp sounds, these dog scissors are designed to operate quietly.

The package comprises a larger pair of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) and a smaller pair of 6 inches (15.2 cm). The smaller dog grooming scissors feature micro-serrated blades, making them ideal for detailed care of your pet’s face, ears, and paws.

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Dog Grooming Stainless Steel Scissors Kit with Round Tip

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Elevate your pet grooming experience with this comprehensive pet grooming kit that covers all your needs. The kit includes a set of carefully designed scissors, each serving a specific purpose. It features straight scissors, upward curved scissors, downward curved scissors, and thinning scissors, ensuring that you have the right tool for various grooming tasks. Additionally, a straight comb, a scissor case, and a cleaning cloth are also included to make your grooming routine even more convenient.

Crafted from premium stainless steel, these grooming scissors are not only exceptionally sharp but also built to last. The adjustable scissor screws allow you to fine-tune the tension according to your preference, ensuring optimal cutting performance. What’s more, the handles of these scissors are thoughtfully coated with rubber on the inside, providing a comfortable grip and protecting your fingers during extended grooming sessions.

This set of four scissors, comprising two curved and two straight ones, along with a versatile comb, boasts measurements ranging between 5.9 to 6.7 inches, providing the ideal size for various grooming needs. All these high-quality grooming tools come elegantly housed in a purpose-built storage case, offering both protection and easy organization. With this comprehensive pet grooming kit, you’re equipped with professional-grade tools to ensure your pet’s grooming sessions are efficient, precise, and comfortable.

Professional pet scissors


These dog grooming scissors can be used for thinning your pet’s coat or as a finishing shear to tidy up the fur after trimming with other scissors or electric clippers.

One of the blades is serrated and features 28 comb-like teeth, making this scissor an excellent tool for various trims.

The Japanese surgical-grade stainless steel construction makes cutting your pet’s hair a breeze. The handle boasts a comfortable ergonomic design with finger rests to ensure user comfort during grooming sessions. Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

Being serrated, these scissors are suitable for thinning and blending, but they aren’t efficient for straight cuts. The standout feature is the scissor screw, which can be adjusted to your preferred tension, making cutting even smoother and aiding in protecting the scissor blades.

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Pet grooming scissors with durable stainless steel blades

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This set of scissors for dogs offers precise and secure cutting with two blades of different lengths.

The smaller scissor, measuring approximately 5.9 inches (15 cm), features a sharp blade with micro-serrations on one side, allowing for easy and precise cutting and trimming. This scissor is especially suitable for the facial area and paws.

The larger scissor, measuring approximately 6.5 inches (16.5 cm), has a sharp blade with a flat surface that is ideal for trimming fur on the legs, body, and tail.

Both scissors are comfortable and safe to handle. Thanks to the rounded tips, the dog is protected from injuries caused by the scissors, which is particularly crucial in sensitive areas like the ears. The inner rubber rings and finger rest provide exceptionally comfortable manipulation. The adjustable stainless steel screw allows for varying pressure. Additionally, each dog scissor includes plastic side protectors.

The high-quality stainless steel ensures a long lifespan, owing to its premium surgical-grade stainless steel composition.

Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming


Introducing the perfect tool to safeguard your pet against mites, manage excess hair, and maintain clean ear hygiene. Crafted from durable stainless steel, each blade boasts exceptional sharpness, which significantly reduces friction and ensures effortless hair trimming for your beloved companion.

Safety is paramount with this scissor’s specialized curved tip, meticulously designed to facilitate gentle and effective access to your pet’s ear canal. This thoughtful feature not only simplifies the process but also minimizes the risk of accidental cuts or discomfort.

The handle of this scissor is engineered for both safety and comfort. Its antislip design ensures a secure grip, allowing for steady control even during delicate tasks. The ergonomic design adds an extra layer of ease, making it a breeze to manage, especially when working around sensitive areas like the ears.

Invest in the well-being of your furry friend with this versatile scissor that brings together precision, safety, and ease of use. From keeping mites at bay to maintaining a well-groomed appearance, this scissor is a valuable addition to any pet owner’s grooming toolkit.

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What to consider when buying scissors for dogs?

Choosing the appropriate grooming scissors for your dog involves a thoughtful assessment of several key factors. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of your pet’s size, coat type, and grooming needs. Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, and each coat type presents its own set of challenges and requirements.

For dogs with coarse and thick fur, robust and sharp scissors are essential to effectively trim and shape their coat. On the other hand, dogs with fine and fluffy hair demand more precise and gentle cutting, especially when dealing with sensitive areas like the face and ears.

Consider your dog’s temperament as well. Some dogs may be more tolerant of grooming, while others might be anxious or fidgety. This could influence your choice of scissors, as ergonomic designs and non-slip handles can provide better control and comfort during grooming sessions.

Furthermore, understanding the purpose of the scissors is crucial. Are you looking for a pair of scissors to maintain your dog’s coat length, trim specific areas, or create intricate patterns? Each purpose might require a different type of scissor, from straight-edged shears for basic trimming to thinning shears for blending and texturizing.

Ultimately, investing time in researching and selecting the right grooming scissors tailored to your dog’s needs will result in more efficient and comfortable grooming sessions. By factoring in your dog’s size, coat type, temperament, and grooming goals, you can ensure that your grooming toolkit is equipped to handle any grooming challenge that comes your way.

These are just a few of the factors you should consider. It’s not that difficult to find the ideal dog grooming scissors for your pet. In fact, some options can be considered professional-grade grooming scissors for dogs. To take these factors into account, make sure what you’re purchasing is suitable for your dog’s coat, no matter the type.


As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of dog grooming scissors you can choose from. Each type depends on how you intend to use it and the type of hair your dog has. You might think that the various types of grooming scissors for dogs are overly specific, but they are sold for a reason. In fact, you should consider that the more specific the scissor type is for your dog’s needs, the more ideal and suitable it will be for your pet. With that said, let’s delve into the different types of dog grooming scissors you can choose from.

Straight scissors

This is the most basic type of dog grooming scissor that you can find. They resemble the professional dog grooming scissors seen in grooming salons. This grooming tool is considered versatile for grooming pets of all sizes and coat types. Straight scissors are also available in various lengths. These scissors are more of a general-purpose tool rather than being specifically tailored to a certain task.

This is one of the specialized types of dog grooming scissors. At least one of its blades features very fine grooves machined into the cutting edges of the scissors. These fine grooves help grip the hair while reducing blade edge wear. Compared to straight scissors, micro-serrated scissors provide more precise results after use. Nowadays, many new dog grooming scissors have one or two micro-serrated blades.

Micro sawing scissors

Reducing scissors

If you have a dog with denser and thicker fur than usual, it’s a good idea to invest in thinning scissors separately. This way, you can thin out the amount of hair rather than just cutting it. If you also want to experiment with some hairstyles for your dog, such as layered cuts, thinning scissors can help you achieve that look. These scissors come in both double-sided and single-sided versions and are available in three tooth step options—fine, medium, and coarse.

Double-sided thinning scissors feature teeth on both blades. When using them, less hair is removed, resulting in a more natural feel to your dog’s coat. On the other hand, single-sided thinning scissors have teeth on one blade while the other blade is flat. The smooth blade can be used to lift the fur before thinning it with the other blade. The type of thinning scissors you choose will depend on the type of dog’s hair you’re working with.

Curved scissors are also among the popular sets of dog grooming scissors you can acquire. Their sharp edges are more curved than straight, which aids in shaping the coat more easily. These scissors are designed to follow the contours of the body, making them particularly useful for achieving smooth, contoured cuts.

Curved blade scissors

Rounded tip scissors

Rounded tip dog grooming scissors are used for the most sensitive and delicate areas of your dog’s body, such as the face and paws. They are employed to trim hair around the paw pads, especially for dogs that tend to be squirmy or restless during grooming. These scissors are designed with safety in mind, reducing the risk of accidentally harming your pet while working on these sensitive regions.

Can't I use the scissors I have at home?

If you’re planning to groom your dog, the first thing you should invest in is a good pair of scissors.

When grooming your pet, it’s crucial to have a dedicated pair of dog grooming scissors for the task—scissors that are solely used for your dog and no one else’s. You wouldn’t use kitchen scissors to cut your own hair, right? So why would you do that with your dog?

Investing in the best scissors for dogs will also reduce the risk of accidents that could potentially harm your pet. By using scissors specifically designed for them, you won’t have to worry much about making mistakes during the grooming process. However, it’s still important to take necessary precautions for your pet’s care and safety.

How to clean scissors for dogs?

Dog grooming scissors are very easy to care for and clean. After each use, it’s important to keep them free from any dirt or hair. You can remove dog hair residue from both the edges and between the pivot using a clean cloth, which should suffice. If you use any lubricant or degreaser, make sure the scissors are completely dry before storing them to prevent rust.

For extra care, you should also use a high-quality tool lubricant. The compounds in this lubricant will help secure the screws in place and prevent rust and dirt buildup. The lubricant can also remove moisture from the scissors’ pivot. After applying the lubricant, gently open and close the scissors for a few seconds to ensure smooth movement. Store them in a cool and dry place when not in use. Following these steps should be more than enough to maintain them!

Conclusion of the analysis of scissors for dogs

Trimming your pet’s hair doesn’t have to be a mystery if you use the right scissors. It’s a practice that can be quite challenging if your dog is squirmy. So, remember not to make them suffer during the process and reward them at the end of each session. This way, little by little, it will become a pleasant routine for them (and for you) 😉

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